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"Oh Boy" finally gets a US release

More than a year after it was the big winner at the German Film Awards, "Oh Boy" finally gets a US release date. There's also a poster, a trailer and a new title: "A Coffee in Berlin".

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"A Coffee in Berlin" will be released on June 13th.


I hate the new title.

Kino: The German Film Community

Kino - The German Film Community is meant to be a place for you to share news, articles and opinions on German cinema. The focus is on German films, but posts on German actors are welcome as well.

Olympic Hotties: 10 German Faves...

The Olympics are over and I already miss them (though it's probably for the better, I haven't exactly been productive these last couple of weeks). Anyway, to say goodbye here are 10 of the most attractive German Olympians of London 2012.*

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[Euro 2012] Germany vs Greece Picspam!

So we beat the Greeks and are now through to the semis. I think it's time for a celebratory picspam, don't you?

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Mannschaft BBs: Euro 2012 Edition

DFB BBs    
Being a fan of the German NT and with the Euros only a couple of days away, I thought it was about time to redo that old LJ staple:
the footballers as babies picspam!

You've probably seen many or even most of these already, but they never really get old, do they?

I tried to find baby pictures of all current German NT players, but, alas, I had no luck. Here's what I did find though...

(If you have any more pics, please share them in the comments.)

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